How can I help reduce my carbon footprint?

With sustainability goals and societal pressure, doing our bit to help reduce our impact on the environment can feel overwhelming. It’s important to remember that it isn’t always about the grand gestures. In fact, it’s the little changes that can help make all the difference. 

That’s why we’re always ready to offer you tips on how to take better care of the environment when you buy home heating oil.

  1. Carbon offsetting your heating oil orders

Every time you buy fuel from Scottish Fuels, you can choose to Carbon Offset your order.

Your contribution will go to our globally recognised. carbon offsetting partners, who invest it in carbon reducing projects across the world. 

These activities help compensate for the emissions given off when you burn your home heating oil. 

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You can also select ‘Carbon Offset’ every time you order online or over the phone.  Simple!

Choosing the right heating oil

Burning heating oil leads to unavoidable CO2 emissions.  So, the less heating oil you burn or the more efficient your boiler is, the lower your impact on the atmosphere. 

Our premium heating oil Glowmax*** is a cleaner burning fuel, which means it can help reduce buildup and help improve the efficiency and performance of your boiler, while lowering the risk of breakdown. 

Ready to make the change? Ask us about upgrading to Glowmax. 

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*** Efficiency and performance of Glowmax based on evidence of tests carried out comparing Glowmax to our standard kerosene.

Switching to e-invoicing

Some studies show that there could be a link between minimising your paper usage and lowering carbon emissions. 

Trees play an essential role in removing carbon from the atmosphere, we always encourage minimising paper usage wherever possible. When you switch to an online account and sign up to e-billing, you’re doing your bit for the environment.

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We’ll estimate your carbon offset contribution based on the size of your order and add it to your final bill. Your contribution will go to one of our carbon offsetting partners, who invest it in global projects to offset your emissions. 

Each of their projects is independently certified to meet the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) or Gold Standard – the globally recognised benchmarks for carbon reduction. They are audited on an annual basis which includes checking they have funded the right amount of carbon savings in the projects we are supporting around the world.