7 reasons to invest in a Smart Monitor

With fluctuating home heating oil prices and changing weather, monitoring your fuel usage can be exhausting. A Smart Monitor* is an easier way to help you keep on top of exactly how much fuel you’re using– and more importantly, stops you running out at the last minute.

How does a Smart Monitor work?

Traditionally, many people measure their heating oil levels using a dipstick – similar to how you  may have done in cars. A Smart Monitor makes things much easier. It’s a simple app that lets you  check  your fuel level, and your fuel usage patterns wherever you are, on desktop, tablet and mobile. It’s really easy to set up, and if you need a helping hand to get started, we’re here to help. 

Need a little more convincing? Here are six reasons to use a Smart Monitor:

  1. Stay topped up no matter where you are
    Smart Monitors ensure you never run out of fuel. If you’re living off-grid, running out of fuel unexpectedly can be inconvenient to say the least. With a Smart Monitor, an email or text notification lets you know when your fuel is running low, giving you time to arrange a delivery.
  1. Spot signs of leaks and thefts early
    A Smart Monitor can notify you if there is an unexpected drop in fuel levels, signifying a potential problem such a theft of a leak. Even if you’re far from home, you can call your local Scottish Fuels team to help.
  2. Keep on top of your spending
    The Smart Monitor app includes a handy dashboard to give you clear visibility  of your fuel consumption & usage over time. It’s really great to help you keep an eye on what you’re spending and plan for the future 
  1. Check your fuel on the go
    No more running outside in the cold trying to use a dipstick! With the Smart Monitor app, you can check your oil whether you are at home or away – on your mobile, tablet or laptop.  
  1. Monitor fuel for a friend or relative
    With the Smart Monitor, you can monitor fuel for a relative or friend via the app, even if you don’t live close to them. Make sure they stay topped up with fuel to keep them warm and cosy all year round. 
  1. Set up quickly and easily
    It’s really simple to set up, so give our team a call today.  We’ll send you simple instructions and are on hand to answer your questions.

Contact Scottish Fuels to find out more and discuss availability in your area and prices.

Call 0345 300 8844 >

*The Smart Monitor is available for £120, plus £5 per month data service charge. The Smart Monitor is subject to a minimum term of 24 months, early termination charges will apply if terminated before the 24-month period. If you sign up to our planned delivery service, you can view our terms and conditions here.

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