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Heating Oil

For your home heating system, you naturally want reliable delivery of the highest quality fuels at competitive prices. This is exactly what Scottish Fuels is proud to provide.


We supply a range of home heating fuel including:

Kerosene, also known as 28-second oil, heating oil or domestic oil, is currently the most popular fuel in the UK and provides highly effective, economical heating. Kerosene can also be used if you have an oil-fired range cooker.

Our gas oil, also known as 35-second oil is also excellent value for money and can be used in some domestic boilers.


We offer efficient and reliable deliveries straight to your tank, so you get your oil with no hassle. To keep you warm and comfortable throughout the year, we also offer a comprehensive range of home heating services including:

  • Boiler Maintenance
  • Tank installation and accessories
  • Flexible payment options
  • Planned Delivery

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