Boiler service guide – your questions answered

Never had a boiler service before? Find out what to expect from our expert team at Scottish Fuels.

Your boiler service guide

Your boiler does more for you than you might think. From washing up to hot showers and keeping you and your family warm, you need a fully functioning boiler 365 days a year – and not just when it’s cold. In our boiler service guide, we’ll tell you what to look out for, why it’s so important, and how you could benefit from a boiler care plan.

What is a boiler service and why do I need one?

A boiler service is an inspection carried out by a trained engineer. You can ask for a boiler service whenever you like, though most customers have a check-up once a year.

Your engineer will look for signs of wear and tear, helping to identify problems before they turn into something serious. Boiler services are absolutely essential for your safety. A poorly maintained boiler may lead to a breakdown and costly repairs, not to mention being left out in the cold until it’s fixed.

When choosing a boiler maintenance service, it’s crucial to pick a trained professional. Every boiler engineer at Scottish Fuels is OFTEC-registered, offering you added assurance.

What to expect from a boiler service with Scottish Fuels

Oil boilers in particular require regular care. Our friendly customer care team will arrange a service at a time that suits you. During this service, your engineer will:

  • Check for water leaks to the tank. If water mixes with oil and enters the tank, it can cause deposits to build up. This could lead to reduced fuel efficiency, so we’ll run a water ingress ‘dip check’ to make sure.
  • Check for impurities. Frozen water can seep into the oil line during cold weather, so our dip test will check to make sure this cannot happen.
  • Change the nozzle. Our engineers will replace the nozzle to prevent any congealed oil from causing problems.
  • Check electrodes and photocells. We’ll check the electrodes and photocells (used to ignite and monitor combustion flames) for soot deposits. These may cause your boiler to turn on and off, so we’ll clean any deposits we see.
  • Clean the trap: If the trap is left for too long without cleaning, condensation and dirt can collect, leading to shutdowns. We’ll tidy this up and prolong your boiler’s life.

How can I prepare for my boiler check?

You can keep your boiler in good health by checking the pressure regularly and bleeding your radiators. You should also check that the flame is blue – any other colour could be a warning sign.

Read our full boiler maintenance guide here >

Protect yourself from life’s emergencies with a boiler care package

Our boiler care packages* can help you and your family stay warm and cosy 365 days a year.  Pick one of our packages that suits you best, and opt to pay via 12 manageable monthly direct debit instalments if you prefer.

  • Boilershield Plan – covering you for an annual service of your boiler or cooker
  • Boilershield Plus Plan – covering you for an annual service, parts, labour and breakdown

You can find out more about what’s included in our different packages here >

Keep your family cosy with Scottish Fuels

Our local OFTEC-registered engineers are here to keep your home running smoothly, while our dedicated heating services customer care team can answer any questions you have along the way.   

Sign up for your boiler care package today 

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* Boilershield and Boilershield Plus are subject to terms and conditions, available at Boilershield customers, charges apply for parts and additional labour to service schedule.