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Fuel Cards

Scottish Fuels offers a range of fuel cards to suit your business.

Fuel cards have become an increasingly important tool in todays economic environment. They offer a simple, secure and competitive way to refuel your fleet.

Weekly Fixed Pricing

Fuel cards are priced weekly at competitive prices, frequently offering savings against filling up at the pump.

You can also manage your cash flow with flexible credit terms.


Refuelling at garages also removes any worries of storing oil at your site.

In the event of theft or misuse, any fuel card can be stopped immediately.

In Total Control

  • Card limits and controls
  • PIN protection
  • Weekly or monthly reports
  • Dedicated website to view your data


Our cards give you the benefits of security, flexibility and convenience. Whatever the size of your business, however many vehicles you operate, we have a card to suit your business.

To discuss which fuel card is best for your business call our Fuel Card team on 0345 300 8844.