Planned Delivery

Planned Delivery Service – The hassle free way to keep your tank topped up

With our Planned Delivery service you can enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing your tank will be topped up, come rain, snow or shine. We will monitor the level of heating oil in your tank and automatically arrange deliveries for you when you’re running low. It’s easy, convenient and you don’t even need to call us. We offer a range of Planned Delivery options: 

Top Up

Whenever our drivers are in your local area, we will automatically top up your tank if needed

Degree Day

The Degree Day system uses your historic delivery patterns and combines them with the actual temperatures in your geographical region. The system will then calculate when you next need a delivery

As a responsible oil supplier we are committed to ensuring that all of our customers have a confirmed price in advance of their delivery. For this reason, as part of our Planned Delivery service we will text or email you in advance to advise that a delivery is being scheduled and to confirm the price.

To find out more about the options above or to join our Planned Delivery service simply contact your local depot direct who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and set you up on the Planned Delivery option that best suits you. 

Our latest Terms & Conditions can be viewed online here - see clauses 14.6 and 14.7 for particular reference to Planned Delivery. Alternatively contact your local depot to request a printed copy.