How can I get the best home heating oil prices?


Heating oil can fluctuate  in price based on many factors. In order to get the best heating oil prices, it’s useful to know what types of things can have an impact on the cost of your heating oil throughout the year. 

What are your oil prices in Scotland?

There is no set price for oil in Scotland as it fluctuates like the rest of the UK. Since February 2020 – the start of the coronavirus pandemic – oil prices have been changeable. 

How to get the best value deal on your oil

To get the best heating oil prices in Scotland, you need to consider three things:

  1. The weather
  2. How much oil you need
  3. Where you are.

Timing your purchase with the weather

The price of home heating oil works on a supply and demand basis. When demand is higher, the price goes up, and vice versa. As a result, those who buy their oil in colder months may be subject to higher prices, as heating oil is considered “higher value” at this point.

As one of Scotland’s most trusted heating oil suppliers, we advise our customers to stock up in warmer months so you can get the best from typically lower prices. This may help you to keep costs down over the course of the year.

The amount you purchase

While you should only ever fill your tank to 80 to 90% of its full capacity, buying in bulk can reduce costs. This is because our drivers will have to make fewer trips, so you’ll benefit from the saving. However, we do understand that not all customers have large fuel tanks to enable this. removed the bit about buying groups – as they are our competitors – this needs to be removed from CE too. 

Considering your location

If you’re in a location that is difficult to get to or doesn’t have very many other off-grid homes in the area, this can sometimes lead to higher oil costs. So, it’s even more important to consider when you buy your fuel and how much you buy, as above. 

Rest assured though, wherever you are, Scottish Fuels have a range of different size tankers and local depots that can come and top you up. 

Fair, honest prices with Scottish Fuels

At Scottish Fuels, we’re committed to being transparent with you on all our oil pricing. 

You’ll always get a fair, honest price with no hidden delivery charges. 

Plus, you’ll have the option to sign up to our Pay Monthly Direct Debit plan, where you can pay for your annual home heating oil over 12 monthly payments rather than via larger one-off bills.

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