How we’re responding to the Scotland energy Crisis


Recently, we’ve seen a significant rise in the price of energy in Scotland, which is having a direct impact on heating oil customers up and down the country. At Scottish Fuels, we’re committed to supporting our customers during this challenging period. If you’re worried about your energy bills rising and need some advice on how to keep on top of your payments, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to find out how we’re responding to the energy crisis in Scotland through:

  • Offering honest prices and flexible payments methods
  • Helping you monitor and manage your energy consumption
  • Breaking down complex government schemes into understandable snippets
  • Sharing useful insights to help you cut your energy usage 


We provide honest prices & flexible payment options, all year round


Choose from flexible payment options to suit your needs

In the midst of the energy crisis in Scotland, it’s more important than ever that we offer flexible and hassle-free payment options to suit a range of needs. From Direct Debit to Pay As You Go, choose from our flexible payment options below:

Pay As You Go: Pay in full each time you top up your fuel by debit or credit card. This payment method is a way to help with budgeting. As you’ll already know what’s exactly in your bank account, you can avoid any surprise bills and pay nothing in between top ups. Pay over the phone or online by entering your details on our secure site. 

PLANNED Pay Monthly: Pay in 12 monthly direct debit instalments with our PLANNED payment option. This method will allow you to cover large bills in smaller instalments and you’ll avoid unexpected bills that can feel overwhelming.

We’ll arrange automatic refuels when you need them, so you can rest assured that your home will never fall cold, particularly during Scottish winters. You’ll even receive price and delivery alerts before we dispatch your fuel, so you can plan your budget accordingly.

PREDICT Pay Monthly: PREDICT allows you to split your energy bills into monthly chunks, like our PLANNED payment option. But if you need a little more warning before your next delivery, PREDICT is the plan for you. We’ll send you helpful reminders via email or SMS, three weeks before we think you’re ready to top up your fuel. This payment method allows you to order fuel when it suits you, and pay in monthly instalments throughout the year. Call us today on 0345 300 8844 or use your online account to place an order.

Choose from our range of payment options to help you take control of your spending and prepare for any upcoming bills. Contact your local Scottish Fuels team on 0345 300 8844 to discuss our payment options in more detail.


We can help you to manage your energy usage

Install our smart monitor app to gauge your fuel usage accurately

Our new smart monitor app, FoxRadar, makes state-of-the-art technology accessible to our customers across Scotland. Estimated bills can lead to you overpaying for fuel that you haven’t used. You might even risk underpaying and be hit with a large, unexpected bill in the future. FoxRadar tells you exactly how much energy you’re consuming, so you can wave goodbye to estimated billing.

Speak to your local Scottish Fuels team to learn more about our FoxRadar rollout plan across the country.


Reduce your fuel consumption to save on energy bills

A smart fuel monitor provides you with regular updates on how much heating oil you’re using and when, in real time. With this data, you can make conscious decisions about the appliances you use at home and the amount of fuel you really need.

Read our guide to saving fuel and consider how accurate meter readings could help you. 


We support you with useful information


Answering common questions 

As one of the largest heating oil providers in Scotland, we have unparalleled insight into what people really want to know. Customers all over the country have asked us about the UK energy price cap and how this affects heating oil users.  

The government announced an energy price guarantee to help protect people’s finances whilst allowing them to heat their homes. Unfortunately, there is no price cap on heating oil. Heating oil customers must continue to seek the most competitive prices from a range of companies and providers.

Get an online quote to discover the latest heating oil prices in your area.

Sharing insights for saving energy

At Scottish Fuels, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and recommendations with clients, as we continue to help them navigate the Scottish energy crisis.

Our news area features a range of useful articles to help you cut your fuel usage and save money, all year round. From simple habits to longer-term investments, we’re here to help you make the most out of the heating oil that you pay for. 

Read our guides for top tips on how to save fuel and avoid heating oil theft.

We’re here to help

We understand that the energy crisis is a worrying time for many Scottish households. Even with support from the government, many people may struggle with energy payments this winter. If you’re struggling to pay your bills right now, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for guidance.

Contact our team for support by email at: 

Or speak to us on the phone: 0345 300 8844

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