Recycling firm solves problems by changing to alternative fuel

As part of the UK’s most trusted energy supplier, Certas Energy, Scottish Fuels is always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

One way we do this is to offer alternative fuels, which can help to prolong the life of business equipment.

We managed to do this with a recycling firm, Pinden Limited.

The brief

Pinden Limited has been servicing businesses and households since 1973, and regularly reviews its sustainability practices. For example, the firm now uses semi-automated picking lines for more accurate waste separation, while it has also upgraded its fleet of trucks and tippers.

The company is also an accredited partner of the Waste and Resources Action Programme, promoting the circular economy and resource efficiency. Likewise, it participates in the fleet operator recognition scheme, which means it is held accountable for emissions year on year. 

This makes Pinden one of the most innovative recycling services in the UK, and we were proud to support them.

With a fleet of 18 vans and 64 HGVS from 3 to 64 tonnes, Pinden faces more fuel pressures than most. In addition, the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation has put a mandatory increase on biofuels to reduce greenhouse emissions. This has caused fuel contamination problems, leading to machinery downtime.

Our method

We received reports of significant disruption across loaders, excavators and crushers in Pinden’s fleet. Our mission was to prevent issues such as clogging and sludge build-up in engine filters, thereby saving time and money.

Like many other businesses, Pinden was hit by the use of FAME (fatty acid methyl esters) to mix biofuels into its road fuel. With a higher bio content, these fuels became infested with diesel bug. As FAME absorbs more water naturally, it can lead to build-up and blockages, affecting engine performance.

Pinden had been using ‘anti-bug’ additives to prevent this, as well as counteracting reduced sulphur content and prevent waxing or fuel separation. But this soon proved to be time-consuming, so our teams analysed the company’s activities to come up with an alternative.

The solution

Having identified that the problems were caused by increased bio content, we introduced our FAME-free alternative: Shell GTL fuel. This burns more cleanly than conventional, crude oil-based diesel fuels, but it does not contain bio content.

As a ‘drop-in’ solution, it also means there are no vehicle modifications required. After two months, Pinden are benefiting from taking even larger strides towards their sustainability goals and moving towards FORS Silver status.

Our Shell GTL fuel can reduce nitrogen oxides and particulate matter by 30 and 50% respectively, and is being used in businesses throughout the UK. Pinden were thrilled to further their claim to being an environmental leader in waste and resource management.

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