Scottish Fuels supports Pride

June marks Pride Month – a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community throughout the world. At Scottish Fuels, we’re hugely proud to support this cause, recognising the contributions that this community has made to society at large.

What is Pride?

Pride Month is celebrated in June to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which took place in June 1969. After a police raid at the Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village, members of the community started protests, which have since become known as a watershed moment for the gay liberation movement.

Today, the community comes together to recognise the contribution that LGBTQ+ people make to the world and to push for a more progressive future. While changes have been made, there is still work to be done – which is where Scottish Fuels is proud to help.

Our diversity and inclusion initiatives

Whatever our identity, Pride Month helps the Scottish Fuels team to raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community and their rights. It’s also a great way to celebrate equality, love and visibility.

Within this, our aim is to become the most inclusive fuel distributor in the UK. Throughout Pride Month, we’ll be celebrating our LGBTQ+ colleagues, raising awareness, running events in the local communities, and fundraising. 

We’re also working on three goals as part of our initiatives:

  1. To celebrate Pride Month and increase visibility for the LGBTQ+ community
  2. To reach more of our colleagues nationally with our LGBTQ+ stories
  3. To champion inclusion of all identities.

A word from our Managing Director

Our Managing Director Steve Taylor says: “I am increasingly proud of our Inclusion and Diversity Champions here at Scottish Fuels. We’re planning a number of events throughout June to promote open conversations.

“I wholeheartedly encourage and support celebrating each individual’s uniqueness. I want us to build a culture where we all belong, assessing our behaviours and challenging prejudice. 

“Our people are what makes our business work. We can only work by being a welcome place where everybody can grow and achieve.”

Partnering up with #akt

In addition to our diversity and inclusion initiatives, we’re also supporting #akt. This national charity protects LGBTQ+ people aged 16-25 in the UK, who are experiencing homelessness or living in dangerous environments. #akt helps young people into safe homes, jobs, education or training, in an open and inclusive environment. 

#akt offers:

Emergency accommodation

Specialist support

Life skill development

Housing advice

Emergency support and tenancy starter packs

Accommodation with trained hosts

A Purple Door accommodation service

Safe spaces with housing provider partners

Events, training and peer support networks

You can do your bit for Pride too by supporting #akt. Contact to discuss fundraising opportunities.

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