Start making savings on your fuel costs with Scottish Fuels

Start making savings on your fuel costs with scottish fuels

Whatever your industry, whether it’s supply chain operations, category management or corporate social responsibility, you are likely to be able to make savings on fuel costs.

As part of our larger umbrella company, Certas Energy, we were able to make substantial savings on the total cost of ownership (TCO) for our client, Garic.

How Garic benefited from our fuel-related cost savings

Garic operates in the highly competitive construction sector, together with highways, rail and much more. This commercial environment puts significant pressure on them, where margins are already tight. As one of the most trusted plant and site equipment providers in the UK, they came to us with a TCO query.

Garic manufactures, hires and sells business equipment from welfare units to power generators. With deliveries up and down the UK, the company faces significant fuel bills throughout the year.

While we were already supplying fuel to the Garic head office and advising on fuel security, we sought new ways to add value. Our Head of Business Development for our strategic accounts division introduced Garic to our new TCO service.

How the Total Cost of Ownership Service works

As a business that is continually looking to improve its customer service, Garic took us up on our offer. TCO is a consultancy service that involves a thorough review of the company fuel value chain.

We partnered with strategic teams across various departments at Garic and gathered data to support a detailed financial analysis, involving looking at aspects such as:

Fuel selection and procurement

Working capital analysis

Addressing fuel usage, waste and idle time

Finding opportunities in safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ)

Helping with admin including management, reporting and maintenance scheduling

Our TCO recommendations can also support future plans as more companies look to reduce their carbon emissions.

The process

Generally, a TCO consultation leads to savings in the region of 10% on fuel and all fuel-related costs over a three-year period.

With Garic, we identified significant cost-saving opportunities through purchasing, storage, payment, fuel and fleet management.

A spokesperson for Garic said: “The team helped us to identify and realise significant savings within our fuel value chain. They took the time to get to know our business, our model and daily challenges. Not only did they make the recommendations; they helped us implement them.”

TCO is an ongoing process, and the team at Scottish Fuels is always available to support impactful, long-term cost reductions.

Ask us about TCO today

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