At Scottish Fuels we help our haulage customers to keep their fleet on the road and moving at all times, to help them deliver the very best customer service to their customers.

In the face of fluctuating fuel costs, one thing remains constant – our determination to provide the best value to the haulage industry.

Through our partnerships with leading manufacturers, we are able to negotiate the most competitive prices on your behalf for a wide range of quality products such as diesel, petrol, AdBlue, coolants, lubricants, and greases.

If bulk deliveries don’t suit your particular business requirements, we can offer alternatives such as bunkering or fuel cards.

If your business also depends on heating oil or red diesel (for off-road vehicle use), we can supply this at the same time as we make your fuel delivery. Our modern fleet includes multi compartment vehicles to meet such demands.

Call your nearest depot today on 0345 300 8844 for more details.